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Captivating millions


Playcenter is reputable for conceiving and providing original content for television, radio and other media platforms. We also source from a pool of the most experience, innovative and professional content providers. We specialize in providing a wide range of multimedia production from reality TV shows to music videos. Our Production resume entails:


  • Event coverage
  • Documentaries
  • Commercials
  • TV Production
  • Pre & Post Production


Event Coverage: we carry out full video coverage of events from start to finish. 

Documentaries: we produce high profile documentaries of all kinds; for State Governments, corporate organisations, NGOs etc. As well as being great storytellers, we take pride in our trademark high-quality visual style.

Commercials: whatever the platform (be it television, radio or web), our goal at Playcenter is to create attention-grabbing, talked about adverts with our brand of bold and stylish film-making. Building on our strong heritage of ground breaking programming, Playcenter works closely with some of the biggest brands and agencies to produce captivating branded content for today’s evolving media landscape.

TV Production: we produce quality programming for media houses. We have a long standing relationship producing content for Soundcity. We aren’t just TV producers alone; we are content creators who are helping brands bring entertainment into the commercial world. 

Pre & Post Production: our services include feasibility studies (pre-production), editing, graphics and animation, compositing and grading, montages etc.


We create first class events


From premium corporate celebrations to adrenaline rush concerts, Playcenter produces talk-of-the-town top-notch events. From concept to execution, we create and manage all the production elements necessary to support and stage an outstanding event.

Some of the event management services offered include

Artiste Sourcing and Talent Booking: we provide Artiste booking and coordination. We arrange celebrities for your personal and corporate events, endorsements through the strong relationship we maintain with key industry players.

Avoid the hassles; let’s handle your bookings for all kinds of performing artiste: musicians, DJs, MCs, comedians – both local and international.

In our years of existence, we’ve been known for enviable quality standards and an almost flawless operational track record. Some of the acts we have provided in the past include Nas (USA), Tic Tac (Ghana), Freshly Ground (SA)

Location Scouting: is the process of looking for locations in which to film your video production. It requires a lot of traveling, observing and talking to people. It is a vital process in the pre-production stage of filmmaking and commercial photography. At Playcenter we provide our clients with the appropriate location by fully utilizing our relationship with the necessary people concerned.

Stage Design: stage design is an aesthetic masterpiece of a dramatic production as created by scenery, lighting, sound and costumes. At Playcenter, we create the optical image of a stage production through these named mechanisms.

Concept, Design and Execution of events

Sound Design and Production Management

Photography and Videography

Lighting Design and Production



Logistics Support

Security such as bouncers and police


We ignite brands


Brand activation is the natural step in the evolution of brands. We believe that when all the necessary brand strategies are implemented, companies just need to execute them across the organization and in the total offer towards the customer. Brand activation is looking deeper into the possibilities within the brand.


When activating a brand, we look for the core features that constitute the brand. It might be the communicated position or promised customer benefit or the company vision or people policy – strategies and tactics that often are relevant for the whole company. Therefore, effective brand activation starts with a defined brand.

In activating brands, we take into cognizance ‘brand position’ which is the part of the brand identity or value proposition that is to be actively communicated to the target audience and that demonstrates an advantage over competing brands.

In exploring the opportunities of brands, we search for answers to how the brand can be relevant, adaptable and profitable. We do not stop there; we also factor the significant role of measurement tools and methods as important indicators of the effects of brand activation efforts.


Your success ticket


We promote events, brands, celebrities via major traditional and new media platforms.

We creatively bring to play our vast years of experience and understanding of the promotion and advertising market to give your brand the right public perception and appeal it desires.

Through Media Buying and Planning, we find the most appropriate and efficient platforms in advertising any particular brand. With our expertise, we determine the best combination of media to achieve your campaign objectives, capture your target audience, demographics etc.

Equipped with world class research methods, we utilize the right channels that best engage our client’s audience with minimum amount of wastage.

Coming Soon!

Dance Nigeria With Peter
Upcoming Event
Days to Go
  • Dance Nigeria reality TV show is set to unleash the dramatic display of accentuated dance moves, with an array of nerve recking dance performances.
  • The show witnesses Peter Okoye of the R&B music duo P-Square, making his debut as a judge/mentor in any Reality TV show. He will be joined by Dance Queen Kaffy, Flex & an international superstar guest
  • It is the 1st Premium dance content in Africa with 13 episodes of topnotch television programing that is bound to resonate and engage over 300 million tuned in viewers.
  • Peter Okoye is set To embark in this talent search of nurturing the newest breed of dance superstars in Nigeria.
  • Each episode is interwoven and captures the resplendent of dancing with production quality that is at par with International standards.