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Producing an event of this magnitude takes time, precision, teamwork and hard work which our team exhibited at Pepsi Lituation. 

The event featured four of Nigeria's biggest DJs grace the stage, thrilling the crowd as different artists performing interchangeably. 

We thought of the best possible way to bring this word; LITUATION to life. For the first 10 minutes of every DJ act, there was a hologram representation of each the DJ performing. This was to create a diversion that created the perfect element of surprise when the DJs finally appeared on the main stage.

With no shortage of meeting goals to achieve, we worked with other team members to ensure they not only met, but seamlessly exceeded the expectations of their attendees.

Upfront and personal were the liaison team in charge of artists and accreditation. They ensured artists were at the venue in time and performed on time. 

Lightspeed concepts helped light up the venue with their magnificent set up and lights. 

Cytech sounds took care of sound that allowed the vibrant sounds to be re-echoed through the venue causing such the crowd to roar in excitement. 

It was the synergy among the team members that made this event the perfectly lit situation! 

The Pepsi lituation held at the Balmoral hall in Federal Palace Hotel. It featured 4 of Nigeria's biggest DJs as well as various performances from different artists in Nigeria. The contestants from the just concluded Big Brother Nigeria reality TV show were in attendance and winners of the in-house Pepsi challenges were honoured. 

Overall, this show was energetic, vibrant and 100 percent fun!