THE 100NG | Playcenter Nigeria


The 100 NG was borne out of our desire to promote and celebrate excellence. Due to our firm belief in the immeasurable capabilities of the youth, the 100 NG was initiated to reward and celebrate young entrepreneurs who have blazed trails in their different industries.


It is an end of year event comprising of 100 entrepreneurs who will be honoured for the leaps they have made in their industries in that year. It is intended to encourage young entrepreneurs to see that nothing is impossible and work hard to get their goals.


We understand the importance of awards. Awards do not only acknowledge success; they recognise many other qualities: ability, struggle, effort and, above all, excellence. Awards have the power to validate an individual and brand, give them visibility and set them apart. This is why THE 100NG is important.


By capturing and rewarding excellence, entrepreneurs can feel supported and eager to do better because they understand that there are people watching. It gives the young entrepreneur a glimmer of hope to strive for excellence among their pairs. Beyond this, it feels good to know that you are appreciated and this is a major goal of THE100NG


Year after year, the honourees may change but the bar is consistently being set higher and the vision bigger.