PLAY RADIO | Playcenter Nigeria


Play Radio is a 24 HOUR Online Radio which permits the listener to be in control. It has over 20,000 songs and various radio stations depending on the location of the listener.


The listeners can from the list of songs available make a playlist of what they would like to hear. Play Radio is tailored to let the listener love what he hears and hear what he loves. With Play radio, we are redefining radio.


Play Radio is the music lover's dream come true. It provides you with an array of musical choices to pick from depending on the listener's preferences. Play radio is a breath of fresh air as it suits what this generation of millennials who have begun abandoning traditional radio for better options that suits their style and taste. Play radio allows you to filter unwanted programs and tailor your playlist just as you like it. Play radio is exactly what you want in radio entertainment.


Play Radio previously aired on top radio station, The Beat 99.9 but has now evolved to become an online radio sensation in its own right. The programmes are tailored to the geographical location of listeners. Testimonies prove that we are headed down the right path with our programming.



Play Radio is dedicated to improving and has plans to debut more programs to engage their listeners such as radio dramas in the near future.