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One News Network

One News Network is a 24 hour Cable News Network inspired with valuable coverage of News across the Nigeria and Africa for local and international viewers around the world. It is the News Network that knows the value of News as a guidance, a forecasting and surveillance facility for society.


One News Network is News Reporting on steroids; it is reporting of news in real time; there is a vacuum to be filled in the Nigerian and African News broadcasting sector; One News Network is specifically designed to fill that vacuum. In today’s ever evolving economy, the importance of news cannot be overemphasized. Knowing what happens in your environment and other countries gives people a perspective of different cultures and way of life.


ONN is delivers more than just facts and information. It delivers relevant news that affects how we live our lives, perform our jobs, function as individuals and how we make decisions. Viewers are sure to know that they are on top of events as long as they watch ONN.


One News Network is tailored to fill the gap that previously existed in Nigerian News. ONN is tapered to bring to viewers a real time experience of the news ensuring that they don't miss out on any detail. The channel is also hosted on the DSTV Platform.